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#1 – Non-aggression principle and victimless crimes

“How would a libertarian society address drug addiction, public services, caring for the poor, or reckless businesses?

#2 – Free-market economics – libertarians prefer laissez-faire capitalism over government regulation and taxation.

# 3 – Important Names

Adam Smith, John Locke, Bastiat, Mises, Hayek, Friedman, Rand, Rothbard, and Ron Paul.

#5 Anarcho-capitalism, the most radical form of libertarianism.

#6 – Ten Dilemmas for Libertarians

#7 – Georgism, Objectivism, anarcho-capitalism, left-libertarianism


Seavey’s analysis of the nineteenth-century anarchist movement about the history of anarchism.

“For twenty-first century readers accustomed to the right-vs.-left model of politics, the nineteenth century might now appear a strange menagerie of mixed political elements, even beyond the anarchists. Some of the most anti-government movements at the time were also anti-capitalist…In that mixed political milieu, nineteenth-century anarchists ran the gamut from Marxists, who used the words anarchism and socialism almost interchangeably, to ‘individualist anarchists,’ who were often staunch advocates of property and trade. It is surprising in retrospect how long anarchism managed to endure as a coalition of what now seem like divergent leftists and libertarian ideas…All the radicals seemed, for several decades, to be united in their opposition to existing states without yet worrying that the radicals themselves would be sharply divided once the state was gone.

It is easy for the twenty-first-century mind to forget how novel some of these ideas still were in the nineteenth century and how little time there had been to work out all the details and implications.”

The main issues libertarians care about—war, central banks, regulations, taxes etc..

What is the libertarian position on all these topics?

Other essays

such as caveat emptor and going into more depth on private alternatives to the FDA or the welfare state might have made the